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Minnesota School of Martial Arts is proud to offer Mixed Martial Arts training for our area youth.  Classes are offered for all skill levels, providing basic and advanced brazilian jiu jitsu, self defense and muay thai concepts.  Our youth classes drive focus, character building, teamwork, personal goal setting and self discipline. Our instructors provide opportunities to prepare youth for optional competitions, as well as providing a no pressure atmosphere for students more suited to maintain a recreational practice. 

Youth Classes are offered:



Beginners 6pm-7pm

Advanced 7pm-8pm



Little Champs (ages 3-5) 5pm-5:30pm

Beginners 6pm-7pm

Advanced 7pm-8pm

All new youth students should trial or attend beginners class until placed upward/accordingly with an instructors recommendation. Stop in to trial or observe a class today. Comfortable workout clothing is okay during trial period

It is not required for students to attend both Tuesdays and Thursdays, this flexible option is provided to best meet individual family needs.


 Youth classes do require a $185 one time registration fee. This fee is directly applied to processing and the mandatory uniform custom Gi, which is required for Jiu-Jitsu belting advancement


Average Pricing:


$60 (month) 1 x per week 

$80 (month) 1 x per week (advanced)

$100 (month) - 2 x per week

$140 (month) - 2 x per week (advanced)

$150 (month) - Monthly Unlimited 

 To get started, please accept our offer for a FREE WEEK TRIAL and/or stop in today to discuss options to best meet your needs

Youth skills progress with an MMA structural belting system.  Promotions are based on knowledge and retention of skills taught with a custom MSMA curriculum. Our curriculum involves thai style striking and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu used for strength, knowledge, and self-defense. We implement self-discipline with personal goal setting and accountability into regular class routine.  All students are unique to their own learning styles and physicality. Progression can vary based on individual students.  We do not discriminate and vow to do our best to accommodate the needs of each student to allow for best success

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